So excited about fantastic brand called Method… Born in USA, Method offers beauty products for body, hands as well as for home cleaning, laundry and dish cleaners. These products are not tested on animals and they are recommended by PETA. Apart from that, those products are biodegradable and non-toxic.
Products offered by Method are safe for people, pets and the planet.

The one we like in our home are hand washes. In the kitchen, bathrooms we all have Method’s products. Hopefully soon we will get more products for home cleaning and laundry.
You might think that it’s only a hand wash and there is so many out there on the market but if you have a choice of the products, which are good for you, environment and not tested on animals then why not to get products from Method and make a little bit of difference in this ‘dirty’ world.

*An update (20.07.17): Recently I've heard that in UK Method has to do tests of some of the ingredients on water flea - Daphnia. I've checked their website and there is nothing about this, as well I've sent them an e-mail regarding this matter and this is what they've replied: "Hi Gosha - thanks for reaching out for more information. Method has never tested on animals—from whales to water fleas. For the full scoop on our global cruelty-free mission, head to our blog".

Enjoy and make a difference!