On the market there are so many skincare products that I’ve decided to have a look at the ones, which aim especially at the vitamins the skin loves and needs.

As well I wanted to try different brands for different purposes. The reason why, is because our skin as a biggest organ needs different ‘foods’/nutrients to work its best. That is why, in my opinion it’s important to change products every now and then or use different brands and ranges. If you stick to one product, your skin after a while will stop reacting to it and won’t be doing anything to you.

Let’s start with Vitamin C.

When it comes to Vitamin C, which is one of the healthiest foods for the skin, as a mask I’ve been using Germaine De Capuccini Flash C Radiance Mask, then as a night cream and an eye cream ZIAJA Med Deeply Regenerating Night Cream and ZIAJA Med Revitalising Eye Cream.

I was really excited about trying these products and see how my skin will take a Vitamin C, because I used to suffer from acne and since then have been cautious with products with Vitamin C. At the same time, we hear more about glycation, so called ‘sugar ageing’, which can affect our collagen, cause ageing and Vitamin C helps to fight this.
Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants in skin care because it helps to slow down the aging process by preventing free radical damage. Apart from that long-term topical use has been clinically shown to regenerate collagen and improve the appearance of wrinkles. Vitamin C also lightens pigmentation and brightens the skin tone. At the same time it can induced irritation and trigger breakouts. Some people breakout from Vitamin C products because of their base, silicones or other inactive ingredients, which helps to keep the Vitamin C stable longer. That’s why it can be problematic for acne-prone or sensitive skin. Anyway I wanted to give a go and see how my skin will react. I was hoping for good results because the brands I’ve chosen are known for their natural ingredients and they are not tested on animals.

First of all, it is really good to apply a mask at least once a week. The right face mask is a brilliant skin care treatment and can help with our skin concerns, for example it can hydrate the skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of our pores. The Germaine De Capuccini Flash C Radiance Mask is a tissue mask for home use with a unique combination of Vitamin C and Ume Extract (from Japanese plum) to work against glycation (as I've mentioned earlier, known as a ‘sugar ageing’, which is a process in which the sugar in our bloodstream attaches to protein, forming harmful molecules called Advanced Glycation End products -AGEs). It’s like saying that ‘sugar causes wrinkles’ because too much glycation can affect our collagen… Scientists are still trying to figure out how much glycation is associated with ageing.
To sum up glycation/too much sugar is a chemical reaction causes the skin to lose some firmness and radiance because collagen and elastin fibres will degenerate. GDC Flash C Radiance Mask provides instant vitality, radiance and firmness to the skin.
I applied mine after cleanse and exfoliation. I kept it on the skin for about 15 – 20min. then I folded the mask and wiped my décolleté, shoulders and neck with it. I let me skin to dry itself.
*Tip: I strongly recommend to everyone to check the other Germaine De Capuccini products from GDC Timexpert C+ range (Intensive Multi- Correction Cream, Intensive Multi – Correction Emulsion and Pure Essence Serum, which are full of Vitamin C).
Another way to fight a glycation can be to stop eating sweets but every now and then a nice piece of vegan cake or dairy free chocolate is the best thing one can do.

When it comes to my night cream and an eye cream with Vitamin C, I was using the one from Polish brand called ZIAJA.
ZIAJA is a producer of pharmaceuticals and high-quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients for face, body and hair care. It is a family-owned company, established in 1989 in Gdansk by pharmacists Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja.
ZIAJA products combine innovative formulas and natural ingredients of the highest quality, such as herbal extract and vitamins. The formulas are based on pharmaceutical expertise and produced according to the most modern technology clinically and allergy tested, where formula is not tested on animals and products are pH balanced.
The company is environmentally aware, actively participating in the ‘empty packing’ recycling process (all the products have the "Green Point" symbol).
ZIAJA's goal is to provide the most innovative, high-quality and advanced products at a competitive price for women, men and children of all ages.
ZIAJA Med Deeply Regenerating Night Cream and ZIAJA Med Revitalising Eye Cream are full of antioxidants with active and stable Vitamin C recommended for skin 25 + as a wrinkle prevention and 40+ as a wrinkle reduction. 
It’s perfect for thin, flabby skin with visible wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Those products helps to regenerate the skin and reduces the symptoms of skin ageing, strengthens and restores collagen structure, smoothing out fine and deep wrinkles, visibly softens the skin. 
And at the same time they are gently exfoliating the epidermis and reduce dull skin tone.

In overall, I found Germaine de Capuccini and ZIAJA products with Vitamin C truly fantastic for my skin. I didn’t get any breakouts, my skin felt really hydrated, nourished, glowing, radiant and supple. Love it so much that for sure I will be treating my skin with these products again!!!

Enjoy and stay glowing!