The other fantastic vitamin for the skin is Vitamin A, which is a group of compounds that includes Retinol, Retinal and Retinoic Acid - important for cell production and growth. Vitamin A helps to keep skin firm and healthy by stimulating and thickening the deep layer of the skin called dermis where collagen, elastin and blood vessels are. It helps to reduce wrinkles by slowing down breakdown of our collagen and elastin. As well it gently exfoliates the skin, smoothing it out; increases blood flow to the skin, which means more oxygen is going to our cells to help with cell renewal; and one of the most important benefits for me is that Vitamin A decreases production of sebum and helps to treat acne.

The product I’ve been using is Murad Retinol Renewal Serum. I honestly love, love this product! It’s truly fantastic and life changing.
Murad has created this amazing, anti-ageing serum using Retinol Tri-Active Technology. This breakthrough formula visibly minimises the appearance of lines and deep wrinkles, whilst helping to firm and even skin tone, to reveal in the end younger-looking skin. I’ve been using this product in the past month every evening. After washing my face, neck and décolleté, I’ve been applying Murad Retinol Renewal Serum, concentrating on areas where the lovely ‘lines’ are. Since then, I’ve noticed that my lines on my forehead and around eyes are less visible, smoothed out!!!

*Tip: When I apply my serum I feel the activity of the product but it's still fine with me because it doesn’t cause any redness or uncomfortable feeling. As well I’m aware that it’s quite normal with Vitamin A serums to feel the activity of the product, and the best to do is to listen to your skin and decrease the use of the active product if in doubt. From the other hand, there will be a group of people who won’t feel anything and it doesn’t mean that the product is not working. It just means that even though we are the same, we are at the same time different. Some of us have got more sensitive skin than the others.

*Tip: Use a sunblock during a day to protect your skin against harmful UV light, especially when using product with Vitamin A (sun causes damage to your skin, whereas Vitamin A is trying to fix it so in the end they are doing the opposite things and that can cause redness and sensitivity).

*Tip: When pregnant or breastfeeding please consult with your doctor the use of any product with Vitamin A/Retinol.

With love!