Gotta love Murad products… This is another one of my favourite brands. What is so special about Murad brand is what they believe in, that the wellbeing of our skin depends on how we feel inside and outside. This belief is very close to my opinion, that the body, mind and soul needs to be balanced because to look great we have to feel great about ourselves, we have to eat well, love and enjoy our life.
Dr Murad from the beginning wanted to help people to look and feel younger as well as healthier. Murad products were one of the first ones to achieve significant anti-ageing results without surgery due to pioneering use of the Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA formulations) in their skincare.

One of my favourite ranges from Murad is the one for an oily skin due to my problems with skin in the past. If you worry about breakouts and suffer from an oily/combination skin you should try Time Release Blemish Cleanser, which helps to keep blemishes and lines away; Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15, which gives the skin nice, soft and matte finish, protecting from UV light at the same time; Blemish Spot Treatment, my life saver product when my skin breaks out; Skin Perfection Lotion, which is very light, hydrating and I use it as well on my back to keep it blemish free. Every now and then I like to use Blackhead & Pore Clearing Duo (step 1 and step 2) on my face, neck and décolleté (I prepare a bath with oils and candles, apply the first product as a mask and just let it to do its magic, then after bath I rinse it off and apply a second product leaving it on the skin). And when I’m feeling ‘old’ I’m using Age – Diffusing Firming Mask, which tightens the skin. My skin feels a bit tingling with this product on but it doesn’t make me looking red or feeling uncomfortable. Apart from that, woman can never has enough of eye creams… I use so many and one of them is Eye Lift Firming Treatment. It comes with serum and quite few eye patches to increase penetration of ingredients. I do this treatment once a week for about 15min. The patches are quite big so I cut mine to make them smaller and you will need quite a bit of product to make patches stay on but it’s worth it. You are getting an instant effect of smother and firmer skin around an eye area. When I apply serum and eye patches my skin feels a bit warm in this area but it is nothing uncomfortable.
*Tip: Your skin is changing all the time, so please don’t stick to one type of the product, brand and range. I like to change my products and I listen to my skin… When I feel ‘oily’ and getting breakouts I’m using my Murad for an oily skin. By using different products and changing them every now and then, we provide our skin with all the necessary nutrients. As well to see if our product works, we should wait at least one month to see any difference. This is the amount of the time cells need to renew itself. I’m not encouraging anyone to spend lots of money on different products but when you finish one, when seasons are changing etc. try something different… If in doubt try a sample. It’s all about listen to your skin.

*Tip: Stress and unhealthy diet are not healthy skin’s friends. Try to embrace healthier diet to see what your skin loves and find the way to relax. For me reading a book, bath with oils/candles, exercising 15min a day and walks with my dog help me to relax. When it comes to diet, I’ve noticed that diet without meat and diary products mean less or no spots and healthier lifestyle in overall. Nowadays there are so many choices of meat and dairy free food that everyone can find something to suit their needs. It is not only good for your skin and body but as well for your mind, because the more vegetarians/vegans the less cruelly killed animals. This has been for me a game changer.

I will be writing about other Murad products quite often because first of all, these products do what they promise, second thing: I like the philosophy behind the brand and finlly: their products are not tested on animals and they are cruelty free. They are selling to Hong Kong but not main land China so they are not requested to test on animals.

It’s time to look younger, feel younger and live healthier and happier life!