This time is about uncovering secrets of a beautiful range called: Nknaturals.

Nknaturals is a beautiful range of handmade products by the lovely Nicola Kidd, who is living on the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’, Lanzarote.
Nicola has started making her own gentle, reliable and effective products using simple ingredients, carefully selected to compliment each other’s properties.
All of the products are free from alcohol, preservatives, parabenes, colouring and synthetic perfumes. Apart from that, none of the products are tested on animals and all of the raw ingredients for example: raw organic beeswax, fair-trade raw organic shea butter are supplied by small family run business.

In nknaturals range you will find fantastic Healing balms (Delicate to regenerate face and body; Beautiful for smoother complexion), Protective balms  (Gorgeous as a daily facial balm; Man balm, which is all day protective aftershave; Lip balms with a high level of mineral sun protection), and Treatments (hydrating and calming Life spray mist for face, body and mind).
All of those products come with a full list of ingredients, their benefits, as well as guidelines of how to use and store them. And you just need only a little bit of product to use it.

My favourite products so far from the nknaturals range are the following: Delicate, Beautiful, Lip balm and Life mist.
Delicate is my totally universal product for so many different purposes. I use it as a calming cleanser, for the healthy grow of eyebrows, for the patches of eczema on my hands and legs, on my cuticles to moisturise them, ends of my hair to keep on bay my frizzy curls and on my lips if I don’t have my lip balm to prevent cold sores.
In this product we have a healing coconut oil, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory raw organic lanzarote beeswax rich in vitamin A, soothing and cooling blue chamomile for sore, itchy skin and many more natural ingredients.

Beautiful is just beautiful… It can be used as a cleanser, moisturising balm for cuticles, elbows, feet, ends of hair and as a night mask, which I use mine for. The reason why is because my skin next day always feels enormously smooth and silky. I’m relying on this mask when I want to look my best, before big events…
The ingredients, which caught my eye in this product are: anti-inflammatory jojoba oil, antioxidant vitamin E, regenerating rose hip oil, raw organic beeswax, amber resin to promote the growth of new cells and to add elasticity to tired skin.

My all times favourite lip balm from nknaturals is just amazing! It’s a must have product. I have mine in pink (now it is called raspberry) and use it through a day on its own or with a lipstick and at night. Nknaturals lip balm contains vitamin E, raw organic lanzarote beeswax, anti viral vanilla as well as high level of mineral sun protection due to presence of fair-trade raw organic shea butter ingredient and titanium dioxide, which protects from both UVA and UVB rays.  
I love this product so much because since I’ve been using it and it’s been more than 1 year I haven’t got a cold sore on my lips, from which I used to suffer few times a year. As well, as I mentioned earlier Delicate is brilliant for lips too when it comes to preventing cold sores.
*Cold sore is caused by the herpes simplex virus (please see more about it on NHS website). The virus passes through the break in the skin (in or outside the mouth) and travels up the nerves, where it stays until it is triggered later on in a form of blisters. These triggers can be different in each case. I’ve noticed that my cold sores were usually triggered either due to my immune system being at it lowest, when I was getting ill with a fever and feeling really tired or due to the strong sunlight.

The last product from nknaturals worth to mention is Life mist. It’s refreshing, hydrating and calming for face, body, and mind. I use mine in the morning and evening after cleansing my face, neck and décolleté. As well I like to spray Life mist on my legs after a shower or bath. The ingredients include: witch hazel glycerol (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory), lupine peptides (prevents collagen, elastin breakdown and helps to reduce dark spots), benzoin (cooling, soothing, calming) and many other natural ingredients.

Please keep in mind, that since I've got my products their packaging and some of their names have been changed (for example: Lip balms).

All of the nknaturals products are made with highly effective natural ingredients, care and love. You and your skin can’t go wrong with such a beautiful products.

Please do enjoy uncovering secrets of ‘Island of Eternal Spring”!