When it comes to curly hair, all of us who’s got them knows the ‘pain’ of trying to get them right every time we are about to face the world…
I’m not going to talk much about how to care for curly hair, because in the end of the day we all have our own techniques and tricks to get them right, always hoping for the best.
What I’ve realised about my curls is that, they like when I’m changing the products I use quite often and the more natural the products are the better the final effect (no parabens, no silicone, no sulfates etc.). One of my favourite treatments for my hair is a coconut mask, which I apply at least once a week.
I’m not a person to sleep with the mask on my hair, so I like to apply mine in the morning, tide up my hair in the bun and wash it off (2x) in the evening.


For my mask I mixed: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with a few drops of either jojoba, safflower or primrose evening oil and optionally few drops of essential oils.

The coconut oil I use is called Optima 100% Organic Raw Virgin Coconut Oil – cold processed and non - GM (non - Genetically Modified). Cold processed means that product is produced from raw coconut flesh and not dry copra to ensure that the vital nutrients and delicate omega fats are retained and intact, unlike many refined non-virgin coconut oils. As well Optima Coconut Oil is chemical free, with no preservatives, artificial colorant, fragrances, sugar, milk and gluten.
When it comes to Jojoba, Safflower and Primrose evening oils we need to know that these oils are carrier oils used in aromatherapy because they carry the essential oils onto the skin. I like especially the one from Eve Taylorbecause they are non-comedogenic and do not contain lanolin, mineral oils, Sd alcohols or any artificial additives nor are they tested on animals.
Jojoba oil helps to hydrate and strength the hair fibres from the inside. It adds shine, elasticity, volume, and encourages the hair growth.
Safflower oil stimulate the hair growth and strength the hair follicles.
Primrose Evening helps to fight against hair loss.
Apart from those oils we can add to our mask, as I've mentioned earlier a few drops of essential oils from Eve Taylor. My hair loves especially Juniper, Rosemary and Lavender (remember to check if you don’t suffer from any conditions, which could prevent you from using essential oils – check with your GP if in doubt as well avoid essential oils when you are pregnant or breastfeeding).

Picture 1. My crazy, curly hair.

After washing my hair, I’ve been recently using product called Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner. I apply this product to damp hair, using my fingers and very gently detangling brush. I don’t use a hairdryer because my hair looks the best when I let them dry naturally. This product contains the following oils: Jojoba, Safflower, Primrose Evening as well as Hydrolized Marine Collagen (usually Hydrolized Marine Collagen is made of fibrous protein extracted from the scales or skin of saltwater fish, including cod and salmon… But because the company states that is cruelty free and doesn’t perform tests on animals I’ve sent them an e-mail asking to clarify of what is made their collagen but didn’t get any reply so far).
To sum up, I have to say that having a curly hair is always an unpredictable journey and fun…

Love your curls, no matter what!