Every one has got different perception of beauty. For some it is all about inner beauty, for others it can be skincare, make-up, aesthetic medicine or keeping fit. Sometimes it’s all of it together.
Personally I think that when it comes to beauty, how we feel about ourselves is the most important. To look beautiful we need to start with loving ourselves, accepting our weaknesses and strengths, because this will allow us to improve, grow and then change our weaknesses into our strengths. We need to remember that happiness, smile, kindness, and love will always shine through us… and they will always make us looking beautiful. Then with a bit of extra help from good skincare and magic of make –up we can intensify our natural beauty.

When it comes to the aesthetic medicine, I’m not against it. I just think that this is something personal and people should make this decision by themselves without anyone else pressing them to do it. If you consider help form aesthetic medicine, be honest with yourself and ask yourself some questions, like ‘Why I want to do it?’; ‘Am I doing this for myself or someone else?’; ‘Is this really going to make me feel better about myself’?’; ‘Is this going to be one time thing or an on going one?’. There is lots of pressure from society nowadays to always look perfect, young and beautiful. Don’t lose yourself in it! There is more about us then only looks! As I mentioned earlier we need to start with loving ourselves! Remember no matter what are you doing you can’t completely stop ageing process, but you can delay it. When you have this zest for life, you look at what you are eating and drinking, you do some form of fitness, you use good skincare products and you wear a lovely make-up, you are going to be just fine. And when you decide to use benefits of aesthetic medicine, like I did, do it in moderation with a help of highly qualified specialist (like Dr Liesel Holler, who is fantastic!).

When it comes to make-up I don’t think we have to own and apply tons of make-up to look beautiful. Make-up should accent the features we love and hide the one we don’t love so much. It shouldn’t feel and look like a mask, it should feel natural and comfortable.
Personally I don’t wear lots of make-up but I like to try different brands, like Charlotte Tilbury, Kat Von D, High Definition Brows, Barry M, Benecos, Lush and many more. To me make-up is a form of art, creativity and individuality. I aim for the products, which are not tested on animals and can quickly help with the look I want to achieve.

Be magical and have fun!


Picture 1. Make-up with Charlotte Tilbury products (lipstick: Amazing Grace; lip liner: Lip Cheat Crazy in Love; eyeliner: The Feline FlickInstant Look in a Palette Beauty Glow 5 minutes face on the go), Barry M Showgirl 2 mascaras (length and volume); High Definition Eye&Brow Palette (002 foxy) for eyebrows.