Beautifully done, arched, defined eyebrows can enhance your natural beauty and transform your look. At the moment there are so many products and techniques to get your eyebrows right that sometimes we might feel a bit overwhelmed.

The best thing I’ve ever done to my eyebrows it was to do a Microblading treatment at Tracie Giles Salon in Knightsbridge. I did it more than one year ago and my eyebrows still look great. Microblading is a form of tattoo, where pigment is inserted into the skin with the super fine micro-blade. Therapist draws hair-like strokes mimicking natural hair in brows.

I booked my free consultation, during which everything was explained to me and I could ask about everything regarding my treatment. It’s not the cheapest treatment but worth its price. You have two treatments included in a price and an aftercare healing ointment (really fantastic). My therapist Natasha was truly fantastic. She explained to me everything what she was going to do step by step, then drew the shape of my new eyebrows, checking with me all the time if I like it. There was no rush and I felt really looked after. After we agreed on the shape and colour, Natasha started the treatment during which she was regularly checking if I’m comfortable (you are getting a numbing cream but still you may feel something like a little scratches). Afterwards at first my eyebrows looked really dark but the colour faded away by 30/40% in the first few weeks, which is absolutely normal. Then when it comes to aftercare, in the first week it's essential to avoid water, sweaty exercises and in case of redness and itchiness use the ointment you’ve been provided with. After few weeks I’ve got me second treatment for retouch. I have to admit that after the treatment I was left speechless… My eyebrows have never looked so good!

Picture 1. My eyebrows after Microblading treatment.

Picture 2. My eyebrows before Microblading.

Since then, I still have my beautiful eyebrows with a lovely shape. Only the colour has faded just a little bit but I can go back at any time for retouch (if you want your eyebrows to look all the time brand new you can go back after around 6 months for retouch).

Picture 3. My eyebrows after 1 year since Microblading (without any make-up).

To look after my eyebrows I do the following: I tweeze them regularly keeping my natural shape and use Nknaturals Delicate balm to stimulate their healthy grow. Apart from that, I brush my eyebrows in the direction of their natural grow and then I trim the small amount at the top.

As I mentioned earlier, the colour of my eyebrows faded away a bit since my microblading one year ago, so if I’m doing a stronger make-up I’m using High Definition Eye&Brow Palette (002 foxy). This fantastic palette comes with two highly pigmented shades for brows and eyes, black shade to line the eyes and a highlighter to lift the brow arch. Those silky powders are rich in Vitamins C and E, which makes them easy to blend and the brow wax helps to keep brows in place for all day. High Definition Brows Limited has got very strong policy against animal testing and doesn’t sell in mainland China, where animal testing is required! Their make-up range contains mainly plant extracts but some of the products have got animal or insect sourced ingredients for example: wax.

Picture 5. High Definition Eye & Brow Palette (002 foxy).


Picture 6. My eyebrows with High Definition Eye & Brow Palette (002 foxy).

To sum up, all of the mentioned treatments and products did wonders to my eyebrows, which has never been particularly thick & well defined, especially after years of an extensive plucking, but finally I've got them the way I've always wanted them to look like.


Long live eyebrows!