When we all want beautiful and at the same time healthy nails, Nailberry is the answer.

Nailberry brand has been best known for its non-toxic, award winning range: L’Oxygéné, which delivers beautiful colours in a healthier manicure. Apart from that, to help treating and repairing our nails Nailberry developed an extensive range of Nail Treatment products.

What is so special about L’Oxygéné range is the fact that every colour has been formulated to be: cruelty free, 12 free (for example: free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, parabens, alcohol and many other toxic ingredients), breathable/oxygenated, vegan & gluten free, moisture permeable, high impact colour, long wear & high shine etc.

My favourite colours for summer include: Bubble Gum, Elegance and Star Dust. These colours are very easy to paint with, thanks to brilliant brush and the polish looks fantastic for really long time as promised.

Bubble Gum colour gives straight away a beautiful coverage and I really love it on my toenails. It looks fantastic with tanned legs. I applied mine in two coats, then use Dry And Dash Lacquer Drying Drops to dry it and I’m ready to enjoy summer!

If you are looking for something more natural, Elegance is a perfect choice. This beautiful, natural colour is easy to apply and streak free . You can either apply two coats for a very natural look or three for more intensive one. I use Elegance on my fingernails and love it!

The third one I adore is Star Dust. I love a bit of sparkle on my nails! I either apply one coat for more natural effect or two/three for stronger one.  The other way to use it is to apply one coat on the top of any other colour.

The other products from Nailberry I’m using at the moment are: Dry And Dash Lacquer Drying Drops and Little Treasure Nourishing Cuticle Oil.
The first product helps to dry nails within few seconds, giving smooth finish and at the same time nourished nails, which is due to vitamin E and Amazonian Inca Inchi oil.
*Tip: Even though Dry And Dash Lacquer Drying Drops helps to dry nails really quickly it doesn’t mean that straight away we can do cleaning, gardening etc.

The Little Treasure Nourishing Cuticle Oil is just irresistible. It smells divine because of the lemon essence. It protects, revitalises and hydrates the nail plate, thanks to sweet almond oil, vitamins E and F. I apply this lovely oil through the day & in the evening. If you suffer from dry nails and cuticles, this product is for you.

Love nails, love Nailberry!