We all know that the best things in life are always free… Love, kindness, compassion, respect, smile, family, friendship, nature… but in reality we all work a lot and very hard, we all have bills to pay, we are busy, stressed and very often we are forgetting what is life about. I’ve always kept myself busy, either by working or doing some extra studies, courses and voluntary jobs, anything I could find. I wanted to learn, improve myself & my skills. I wanted to be somebody.

I was chasing my dreams. And it’s fine, as far as we can keep our life balanced. At some point in my life I had to slow down and verify my goals to remind myself what really matters in life. I’ve decided to go back to what I used to love to do: taking pictures, researching & writing and because I love beauty and everything what comes with it, here I am.

I’ve learned again how to rest and breath. I’ve started reading books again, as a way to relax. Books are telling us amazing stories and taking us somewhere else, far away from problems of everyday life, even if it’s only for a while. I discovered again that bath with essential oils, sea salts and candles it’s just wonderful and walking my dog Harley makes me so happy. I’ve stopped pushing myself to do lots of things in one go… For example I’m not a gym person but I want to keep my body fit and healthy so I do my exercises for 15min. a day only but if I don’t have a time or I don’t feel like to do it, I don’t and I’m fine with it.

As well I’ve learned about power of mediation using relaxing music. There is so many fantastic apps on the phone that now I’m totally addicted to listen to it every evening before I go sleep. Apart from that as I’ve mentioned in my beauty posts I’ve started looking closely at my skincare, hair care and make –up products. I’ve learned that the more natural products/ingredients the better for my skin and hair. I’ve started asking questions regarding animal testing.

I cherish every moment with my family and friends. I love and I’m loved. And the best thing ever happened when we adopted a wonderful rescue dog: Marley, who unfortunately passed away last year due to Lymphoma but who was reminding us every day what is important in life… Now we have a Golden Retriever: Harley, who is on the mission to destroy all of our clothes, socks and flowers in the garden. So far he is succeeding. Life couldn’t be better…. I have to admit that for me house without a dog, or any pet is only a house, but house with a pet is called home!


Remember to exhale…