Your skin is changing all the time, so please don’t stick to one type of the product, brand and range. I like to change my products and I listen to my skin… By using different products and changing them every now and then, we provide our skin and hair with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. I’m not encouraging anyone to spend lots of money on different products but when you finish one, when seasons are changing etc. try something different… If in doubt try a sample. It’s all about listen to your skin.
As well when buying a new product, wait at least one month to see if it works. The reason why is that, is because our skin/cells needs this amount of time to renew itself.

Stress and unhealthy diet are not healthy skin’s friends. Try to embrace healthier diet to see what your skin loves and find the way to relax. For me reading a book, bath with oils/candles, exercising 15min a day and walks with my dog helps me to relax. When it comes to diet, I don’t smoke (never did), don’t drink alcohol and I’ve noticed that meat free diet and no diary products mean less or no spots and healthier lifestyle in overall. Nowadays there are so many choices of meat free and dairy free food that everyone can find something to suit their needs. It is not only good for your skin and body but as well for your mind/conscious, because the more vegetarians/vegans the less cruelty against animals.