Remember to always remove your make-up before going sleep (your skin renew itself the best at night and needs to be make-up free to get the superb results). Remember to have two separate towels for face and body, especially if you have a problematic skin. The reason why is that, is because first of all pH on the face is a bit different then the one on the rest of the body, and second thing the skin on the face is thinner and more delicate, than the skin on the body, which is thicker and exposed to harsher conditions (look at hands and feet).

Exfoliate your skin regularly, al least once a week. It removes dead skin cells and brings healthy glow to the skin as well it makes the skin smoother. Apart from that, it increases the absorption of ingredients of other products. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical process.
When you exfoliate your body don’t use any shower gel to rinse it off because shower gel removes everything from the skin and we want to keep the nourishing ingredients of the product for as long as possible on the skin.