When you suffer from breakouts on your back, apart from fantastic skincare products and healthy diet I would strongly recommend to have a look at the washing powder we are using to see if it’s bio or non-bio (bio is stronger because it contains enzymes, which are very effective in removing stains, whereas non-bio, doesn’t contains those enzymes and it’s better for the skin) .

The non-bio washing powders not tested on animals are for example: Method Laundry Liquid Refill (check at the Waitrose or John Lewis) or Simply Sensitive Powder - Tabs or Simply Pure Powder - Tabs (check at your local Sainsbury's). These products are very good for the sensitive skin, especially when it comes to breakouts and can really make a difference to the problematic, sensitive  skin.

Regarding Method, recently I've heard that in UK they have to do tests of some of the ingredients on water flea - Daphnia. I've checked their website and there is nothing about this, as well I've sent them an e-mail regarding this matter and this is what they've replied: "Hi Gosha - thanks for reaching out for more information. Method has never tested on animals—from whales to water fleas. For the full scoop on our global cruelty-free mission, head to our blog". And just to remind you guys, as per my previous post regarding Method, they have cruelty-free bunny logo on their products and they are recommended by Peta.

When it comes to the well known Fairy Non-Bio Washing Powder, this is one is produced by Procter & Gamble Company, which announced on June 30, 1999, that it had revised its animal test policy, but according to Peta, P&G Company has not committed to a permanent ban on all tests on animals.