If you want a flat tummy, the basic thing to do, which works for me, is to stop eating white bread and do as many as possible planks and abdominal crunches (at this point I have to mention that I'm not a gym person or anything like that but I like to do something for my body). I do 40/50 planks and abdominal crunches a day, as a part of my 20min. exercise routine (and I don’t stress myself out with exercises if I’m too busy or not well – one or two days doesn’t make really a difference).

When it comes to bread we have to realise that white bread is full of refined carbohydrates and the excess of sugar in our bloodstream is stored as a fat in the body. Personally I very rarely eat bread but if I eat any, I choose wholemeal bread, because is better for flat tummy then the white one.

Apart from that when it comes to flat tummy we should aim for the foods, like: green vegetables (asparagus, celery, avocado), olive oil, walnuts, oats, probiotic-rich miso soup, lemon, ginger, peppermint and fennel. Try to add a bit of cinnamon to your latte, fruit smoothies, cereal or porridge.

The other types of food brilliant for flat tummy are fish and eggs. Due to my personal reasons, I’ve cut them down a bit but it is very important to remember that significant for us Vitamin B12 is naturally present in eggs, shellfish as well as meat and dairy products. If you don’t eat those products, look for the one fortified with Vitamin B12.

All of the mentioned products are brilliant to keep our tummy flat because they help to stimulate digestive system, regulate the good bacteria in the gut, preventing us from getting bloated, boost metabolism, as well they release energy slow to keep sugar levels steady... To sum up, adding some of those products to our diet with a bit of exercises will help us to stay healthy and happy!

Be good to yourself!